Privacy Policy

Data Transmission

When personal information is being sent or received from the site ( logins, registration and checkout ), we use an encrypted communications technology called SSL or TLS ( padlock icon will show in your browser ) which ensures that nobody else can intercept and read your information. Not all page requests are delivered over a secure channel as it is only needed when sensitive information is being sent or received, we use other technologies to protect against things like session theft and cross-site request forgery.

Data Storage

We store only the details needed to process your orders and do not store or even handle payment information at the server level. Passwords are cryptographically hashed ( one way encryption ) and salted using industry recommended techniques and algorithms that tax the server every time the hash is generated ( that is the 1-2 second lag you encounter when logging in ). Email addresses, telephone numbers and the personally identifiable portions of your address are encrypted in a unique way per record using industry standard algorithms.

Data Usage

We do not share your information with third parties. We will never send you newsletters if you have specified that you would not like to be emailed, you can edit that preference during signup and from your account update screen. You will of course still receive confirmation emails when you place orders. 

Cookie Usage

We use two cookies on the site, the first is a session cookie needed for essential operation of the site ( not used for tracking ) and the second is for Google Analytics which collects anonymous information about traffic to the site - it cannot be used to single you out or profile you in any way. These two cookies are compliant with the EU cookie law. We do not make use of third party cookies. For more information about Google Analytics click here.